Would you like to experience sending a package to Brazil?

Now is your chance!

Here are my Amazon and Walmart wishlist. One these lists you will find yummy foods from the US that I really miss, food items that the Brazilian students want to try (I will use them for cultural events), useful things that aren’t sold here and games and supplies that will help me teach my classes. There are a lot of things on the list (sorry), so I have made a list of the top 10 things I need.I would love to get everything though 🙂 Generic is fine! I love generic.

1. Febreze Fabric Spray (everything is musty!)
2. Aunt Jemima syurp
3. Shout gel or spray
4. Sour Patch Kids, Twizzler, lemon heads, swedish fish, sugar babies (movie theater candy) Any candy really haha
5. Tide pods (laundry detergent pods)
6. Jalapeno seeds and canned jalapenos/rotel
7. White chocolate reeses
8. Corn and flour tortillas
9. Spot it (the game) and Jenga (the game) Scrabble (travel sized game)
10. Green salsa/Salsa verde

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If you are planning on sending me something please let me know so I can take it off the list. Thank you so much!

The school address is (it is safer to send things here)

Departamento de Letras e Artes – DLA
Campus Soane Nazaré de Andrade
Rodovia Jorge Amado, km 16
Bairro Salobrinho
CEP 45662-900. Ilhéus-Bahia